The Blue Egg, great gifts perfect produceThe Blue Egg, great gifts perfect produce
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Outdoors we have a seating area for the Cafe and a play area for our younger visitors, where they can meet our resident goats and chickens and run off a bit of steam!

During the warmer months we have two Kune Kune pigs in residence. They are brother and sister and answer to the names Peaches and Pumba. Pumba has tusks and looks just like Pumba out of The Lion King! They are both very friendly and enjoy lots of attention.

Please be aware and take care when petting Peaches and Pumba and do not put your hand near their mouths. Please also wash your hands after touching the animals.

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Braintree Road, Great Bardfield, Essex CM7 4PY

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The Blue Egg

Tel: 01371 811716


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9am to 5.30pm Mon-Fri
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The Blue Egg - Great gifts, perfect produce